Growth Is Not Linear

Personal growth can be an exciting, energizing process: seeing results from new healthier habits, realizing an embarrassing part of you may actually have its strengths, shifting priorities and realizing the old tedium that took up so much time and energy actually takes care of itself.

Growth also presents challenges. It requires a certain amount of courage and initiative to step into the unknown. Relationships can be disrupted when long-standing expectations need to be reworked and buy-in is not mutual. There may also be cognitive dissonance when part of you feels motivated to change while other parts of you may be terrified or sabotage your own efforts.

All too often these hurdles are insurmountable. It may take repeated running starts to clumsily clear just one of them. And yet, perhaps it is all the failed attempts that provide you with some necessary insight, or present you an alternative path forward, or prepare you for some totally different obstacle further down the road.

This is not a motivational speech to keep pushing no matter what the cost. Rather, this is a whisper of reassurance that you are exactly where you need to be on your journey. Make peace with your limitations. Know that they are malleable. Gently explore the space on the outside edge of comfort. Despite what we are lead to believe, growth is not linear.