Author’s Intent

The intent here is to chart patterns in subjective human experience, while steering clear of ideological belief, metaphysical theories, and biological association. The model reflects how we each experience and navigate ourselves and the world. We are exploring the mind, conscious and subconscious awareness, as distinct from the brain, whose study is of a more physical nature.

The development of this model and the writing produced around it will strive to be:

  1. Practical: useful for navigating day to day life
  2. Self-verifiable: intuitive, able to be confirmed through honest observation and self-reflection
  3. Universal: matching the experience of all humans
  4. Accessible: readily understood, applied, challenged, and built upon, even with no background knowledge

This examination will indefinitely remain a work in progress. Expect vocabulary and concepts to evolve. Perhaps we can inspire each other to think about things in fresh ways.