Overview Change Log

Only significant changes are documented, such as reworked concepts or updated vocabulary. The Overview is the latest iteration of the model, while blog posts are snapshots of past versions of the model. Minor edits, such as a reworded sentence or grammatical edits, are not documented.

11/16/20: Rewriting the Overview yet again. The writing process is slowly revealing what the model wants to be. I feel like a sculpture, layers of work to uncover the final form.
• Focusing on the moment to moment shifts in perspective, and the accompanying shift in understanding of the world and engagement with it.

10/19/20: Scrapping the current description. Trying to get to the heart of what all this is about and synthesize clearer messaging. Just for fun I’m using Dunbar numbers to provide explanations of expanding depth.

10/7/20: Overhauled Intro and The Model description.

10/5/20: Overhauled The Model description.

10/1/20: Overhauled the Stages description.

8/11/20: Stage names updated. The new names are broader, better convey the values prioritized at that stage, and make the progression across stages more intuitive.
• Intellect -> Improvement
• Participation -> Empathy