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When perspective broadens, possibilities emerge.


Sudden rainfall. 

One curses. Another dances.

One occurrence, two perspectives, two different worlds experienced.


Loss of job. 

Begins as reaction to existential threat, evolves to concern over reliable resources, then problem solving, and perhaps eventual gratitude. 

Each step, new tinted glasses.

“Existential threat” lenses reveal a deadly world. “Concern” lenses, a concerning world. “Problem solving” lenses, a fixable world. “Gratitude” lenses, a generous world.


“If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”
– Maslow

In moments of loneliness, a lonely world is occupied. Loneliness-driven activities ensue, connection the resource most prized. 

Casually walking down the street listening to podcasts, I occupy a learning mindset implying Improvement. A car swerves onto the sidewalk, hurling towards me. Flash into Survival mode. 

Improvement minds see a coherent, malleable world. Information fuels analysis laying the path for self-betterment. Survival minds see a deadly, chaotic world. Instinct drives unrestrained self-preservation. 

This moment’s perspective presents a particular world with distinct values, resources, and strategies. An interruption occurs. An alternate perspective frames the world in a very different light, with its own values, resources, and strategies.

The mind is a toolbox, perspectives are tools for facing life’s circumstances. Survival is a decent option when facing a grizzly, less so when the market is out of your favorite cookie.

Survival > Stability > Autonomy > Order > Improvement > Equality >
Empathy > Harmony > Oneness

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