Life is growth. The premise in three words. Learning a skill, coping with disappointment, making sense of the world and my place in it. Growth implies moments of being utterly disoriented and moments of progressively figuring things out. And this progression of learning, it is not haphazard. Quite the opposite.

Life is growth. Life is not an achievement, a feeling, or a snapshot of your perfect existence. Life is a verb. It is a process of unfolding. The same unfolding in fact that the universe has undergone for eons. And just as the universe unfolds according to strict fundamental laws of nature, so do human lives unfold according to laws of mind. These laws, of nature and of mind, like everything else, are in an ongoing process of becoming known, understood, and applied.

This is an exploration of the mind, one I hope you will question, discuss, and improve upon.

The Model

The intent here is to chart universal human experience, while steering clear of ideological belief, metaphysical theories, and biological association. It charts how we each experience and navigate ourselves and the world. We are exploring the mind, conscious and subconscious awareness, as distinct from the brain, whose study is of a more physical nature.

This examination will indefinitely remain a work in progress. Expect vocabulary and concepts to evolve. Perhaps we can inspire each other to think about things in fresh ways.

The model consists of two related parts, the Axis of Perspective and the Axis of Knowing. Perspective refers to the various mental states through which we, as individuals and collectively in social groups, interpret our circumstances at any given moment. In fact, these perspectives form a progression, a spectrum of experience. Beneath the range of perspective are layers of input and mental processing at serve as the building blocks of experience. This Axis of Knowing maps what lies behind the curtain and how we extract meaning and belief from bodily sensation.