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Perspective narrows, broadens. Priorities shift.

What matters? What strategies lead there?

One’s outlook at a given moment defines their world.

With urgency comes tightened focus.
With space comes expanded consideration. 

Loss of job: begins as reaction to existential threat, evolves to concern over reliable resources, then problem solving, and perhaps eventual gratitude. 

Along that expansive journey, interruptions.  Responsibility, laughter, daydreams. Perspectives interrupt perspectives, micro-expansions amid lifelong ones. Priorities churn unceasingly.

A spectrum of perspective.
Primal mental states flow towards the more sophisticated.
Urgency, laser focus, instinct, and self-preservation expand towards adaptability, broad consideration, intentionality, and universal care.

Along the spectrum, nine stages, categories defined by a priority, each building on the foundation of the last.

Survival > Stability > Autonomy > Order > Improvement > Equality >
Empathy > Harmony > Oneness

All creatures require a Survival perspective, the toolset most essential in this uncertain world. With a more predictable life, urgency relaxes, and energy is freed to explore more abstract pursuits. 

When a particular perspective is deemed suitable for the situation, expansion halts. Or else a push is made towards deeper understanding, requiring increasing levels of self-reflection, awareness, and honesty. Years of personal growth are often needed to access an as yet unrealized perspective. A new step emerges in the dance of growth and interruption. A new view of the world, with new priorities and new strategies.

**more to come**

Author’s Intent

The intent here is to chart patterns in subjective human experience, while steering clear of ideological belief, metaphysical theories, and biological association. The model reflects how we each experience and navigate ourselves and the world. We are exploring the mind, conscious and subconscious awareness, as distinct from the brain, whose study is of a more physical nature.

This examination will indefinitely remain a work in progress. Expect vocabulary and concepts to evolve. Perhaps we can inspire each other to think about things in fresh ways.

The model consists of two related parts, the Spectrum of Perspective and its underlying Assembly of Knowing. Perspectives refer to how we see and experience the world at any given moment. Beneath are the steps the mind takes to formulate these understandings.